ashlyne ouko

Level: Beginner      Cred: 0
Wins - National: 0   State: 0   County: 0
Rankings -  none

When I get itchy for some madcap competition, my favorites to watch and to participate in are running on track
When I want inner peace, where do I go, what do I do i pray then put on my music and sing my crappy heart out while dancing.
My Favorite ways to prepare for life's journey reading the bible and praying. i believe that the bible is the manual of the life we live in as God in the maker of everything on the earth.
My favorite stories, books, movies, podcasts, etc there is a newspaper here in Kenya known as the Nairobian.
i like tyler perry movies.
and am obsessed with the game of thrones and scandal
My favorite fuel what do you mean by fuel. sorry but i really did not understand the question.
What will I do to make humanity proud of me you know those people who really want to leave a mark on this earth,i am one of them. but i really come to understand that that is really not important in life. but i will want to help my country reach its goals.also empower women to know there strengths and help a world be a better place

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