We built Over The Nation for the dreamer in all of us.

There are only three pedestals per event at the Olympics, only so may spots on a professional football team, only so many bands can schedule Soldier Field or Madison Square Garden, but how many more of us have dreamed of being in those places? How many more have almost been there?

What happens to the state champion quarterback, golfer, tennis player, who doesn’t wind up in one of those coveted spots but had the talent anyway?

We built Over the Nation for you. We never run out of room here.

You can share your skills with a growing community, beyond the boundaries you may be used to. You can learn from the skills out there that would never be discovered if it weren’t for stages like Over The Nation.

Who knew?

Dominos? Rube Goldberg machines? Pogo-stick jumping? If you dig it, you can be sure there are others out there who love it too, and want a friendly competition with you, or just want to watch people like you show your skills.

Join in now!