Be clear in your challenge.

When you're creating your challenge online, include useful details in the description. Give people the information they want to see when they are scanning the Challenge Board.

Be fast.

Shorter online challenge durations and voting durations tend to hold people's interest more than longer ones.

Get in the game. 

When you add a challenge, it's best to also enter the online contest yourself. Enter yourself by uploading a photo or video right after you've created the competition online. Prime the pumps with a good one.

If you're competing in someone else's challenge, the same rules apply. Be clear. A detailed photo caption or video description goes a long way to help you win the challenge.

Promote it.

Promote your competition online by sharing it on Facebook and other social media sites. Email your friends and tell them to check it out. More people competing = more fun.

Show Yourself and Describe Your Video.

Be sure to show your face, after all we are trying to build you a fan community and be clear on challenge/contest/competition goals and objectives.



Be sure to try to vote on every online competition you can. Take the time to evaluate the performance or product and consider the relative quality compared to other entries. Then vote for the best. The best way to inspire others to vote is to vote yourself...often.