Adding Video to Your Profile

You can add video clips to your profile by first uploading them to your account on Vimeo or Youtube, and then copying the video ID code into a record in the My Videos section of your OTN account. Both Vimeo and Youtube offer free accounts and are easy to set up following the instructions on their sites.

Once you have your video uploaded to one of the two services we support, these are the steps to add them to your profile:

1. Copy the Video ID from the embed code on your selected service
(see examples of youtube and vimeo codes underlined in Red. Click the image to enlarge)

2. Click the "Add a Video" button in the video section on your My Videos page

3. Fill in the Title and Description, paste the code into the labeled box, be sure to select the correct video service from the drop-down box, and use the browse button to choose a photo from your computer to be the thumbnail image to represent your video.

4. Click the Add Video button to save your entries. Navigate back to your dashboard and you'll see the video listed there.