Videos must be of yourself, after all we are trying to build personal numerical rankings for users in different talent categories. We require a clear shot of your face in every submission. Also users must say your name, and what contest/competition/challenge you are participating in, in the video you use to submit. All who wish to compete must be a registered member. Sponsors may sign up as well to sponsor any available competition/contest/challenge. Video submissions that do not meet the competition/contest/challenge will be disqualified. Users that acquire 3 disqualification will be frozen. All cash prize competitions/contests/challenges must have a minimum of 20 submissions or all will be disqualified. So please share on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlet!


Prize Claim


Shortly after winning you will receive a WINNER!! email with requirements and details. Prizes will be mailed to your address with 50 wrist bands and 200 fliers, all we ask is you promote OTN to your friends and family. To claim cash prizes member will have to show a state I.D. or a college/high school I.D. for matching to video purposes only please cover up drivers license number. After we receive your form of I.D. we will ask for your address and permission to send your cash prize and promotion package. As simple as that within a week you will receive your cash, winners certificate, and promotion package.