Numerical Ranking System


Only here can you compete for a creditable number ranking by winning and placing in online video competitions and contest. Compete your way to the top in over 30 categories by creating your own unique challenges/contest that showcase your talent or by challenging users. Browse the talent on the category rankings page where you can "challenge" or "evoke" users to prove your the best and earn that coveted 1st place and all the sponsors and possibilities that come with it!



Click on the area the arrow is pointed at, on any competition/contest preview, ("weightlifting/training" or "football") to see that full catigories ranking. 


Challenge Me Button

Our unique challenge me button allows you to "call out" or "evoke" users to gain better ranking or just finally prove that your rivals DON'T have anything on your skills!



Go to search for members or browse the category rankings pages to find the perfect opponent, keep it clean and have fun!